Thank you for helping us protect the Oquirrh Mountains. As we begin a new year we want to look back at what we accomplished in 2023 and share what we are working on for 2024.

2023 Highlights

  • Held our first ever group snowshoeing activity in Yellow Fork Canyon.
  • Joined Salt Lake County and others at the ribbon cutting and grand opening for the new Butterfield Canyon Trail System. We are so excited to have new trails in the Oquirrhs!
  • Worked with Rio Tinto and Salt Lake County to mitigate invasive Myrtle Spurge that has started growing in Butterfield Canyon.
  • Advocated for additional trails along a proposed realignment of the Bacchus Highway (U-111) by UDOT.
  • Conducted a site visit and are working towards the preservation of several parcels near Herriman.
  • Held the first ever “Butterfield Trailblaze” scavenger hunt on the new Butterfield Trails. Over 40 people participated and won prizes while the explored the new trail system.
  • Provided volunteers and supplies in support of search and rescue in the Oquirrhs.

Looking forward in 2024, we will continue our efforts to preserve the Oquirrh Mountains and invite others to visit. We hope you will join us for a service project or group hike. We will be starting the year with a group trail run in Yellow Fork on February 10th. In May we will hold our annual Butterfield Canyon cleanup event. Join us to help remove trash, cover graffiti, and improve the new trail system. There will be many other activities and as always we will continue to advocate for the preservation of the Oquirrhs and keep you informed of any threats to the beautiful places.

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