Come blaze new trails!

We are so excited to have brand new trails open in the Oquirrhs and want to encourage you to come explore them! Come out on Saturday October 14th to hike, run, bike, or ride the new Butterfield Canyon trails for a scavenger hunt to win prizes. From 8 am to 1 pm we will have a table set up with prizes for those that get out and discover these new trails. Ten paperback books will be placed at various places along the trails. Register in advance here to reserve a bib number, then hit the trails to find as many of the books, and tear out the page matching your assigned number on your bib. Bring your pages back and receive a prize!

Use the form below to reserve your number. Prizes and participation will be limited. There is no cost to participate. This is not a timed race or supported event. Come prepared with your own water and supplies. Thank you to Cyprus Credit Union and Costco for their donations towards this event.

Donations to The Oquirrh Foundation or Friends of Herriman – Trails Committee are appreciated and will help preserve and expand access to trails in the Oquirrhs.

Which organization would you like to support?

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