Three trail runners heading up a snowy trail in the mountains.

Join us this Saturday, February 11th for the annual Oquirrh Ultra Challenge. This self supported trail run provides an opportunity for participants to get out in the Oquirrhs and test their endurance. Runners will be starting as early as 5 am completing laps of the 7 mile course all day. The course will be marked. The Oquirrh Foundation will be providing an aid station during the event and accepting donations. There is no cost to participate. Come run one or fifty miles!

The Oquirrh range has a very unique human footprint on it and is one of the few mountain ranges in Utah that has absolutely no forest service. As the surrounding valleys fill up and development is increasing at an exponential rate, it is crucial that we preserve as much of this range as possible for public use while we can. Right now, The Oquirrh Foundation is the only organization that is solely focused on the creation and preservation of public spaces within this mountain range. Please come and support the cause!


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