Join us on Saturday October 9th anytime from 9 am to Noon for hiking and service as we explore and improve Yellow Fork Canyon. Check in at the trail head for gloves, bags, and goodies. We will have a table set up to pick up those supplies, meet members of the foundation, and learn more about our goals. We would love to see you there!

Saturday October 9th – 9 am to Noon

Yellow Fork Canyon Trailhead

Help us take out the trash in Yellow Fork.


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  1. I am a frequent hiker and mountain biker in Yellow Fork. I was appalled to see the white sofa left in Yellow Fork, and noted how whoever dumped it had to drive it up the canyon road and then hike it a half mile up the trail when they could have take the sofa to the dump with less effort. Whatever happened to “leave it better than you found it?”

    I was delighted to read the report that your organization had performed a clean up in Yellow Fork, including the offending white sofa. Thank you for your efforts and leaving that beautiful canyon better than you found it. I hope to be a part of future such efforts.

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