Soldier Flat and the Knee Weakener areas sit high within Coon Canyon in the Oquirrh Mountains

Directly west of 5400 South on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley lies Coon Canyon in the Oquirrh Mountains. This pristine wilderness has been left untouched despite rapid growth along the Wasatch Front. Salt Lake County is currently developing a new general plan to guide development on the West Bench and in the Oquirrhs. The draft plan includes proposed development of the Soldier Flats and Knee Weakener areas in Coon Canyon. This area of the Oquirrhs has been preserved untouched to this day. It serves as vital habit and migration corridor for wildlife. Indigenous artifacts and a pioneer cabin tell of the history of prior human use. With the rapid growth along the Wasatch Front, the demand for outdoor recreation is ever increasing. Preserving Coon Canyon can provide west side residents with much needed access to nature. Such a beautiful and unique area deserves to be protected for generations to come.

Sign our petition asking Salt Lake County to exclude any part of Coon Canyon for potential development. Instead we urge Salt Lake County and Rio Tinto to work together with the State of Utah, nearby municipalities, and other organizations to designate this area for long term preservation.

The Soldier Flats and Knee Weakener areas are proposed for development in Coon Canyon.