The Salt Lake County Council will be voting to adopt the West Bench General Plan during the council meeting on Tuesday May 10th at 4 pm.

This general plan will guide development on the west bench and in the Oquirrhs. Despite public opposition the plan still includes proposed development of over 1,000 acres in the Soldier Flats and Knee Weakener areas of Coon Canyon. This beautiful and unique area of the Oquirrhs has been preserved largely untouched to this day, and deserves to be protected for generations to come. Coon Canyon provides critical habitat for wildlife, is home to priceless indigenous artifacts, and could one day provide much needed outdoor recreation for the west side of the county.

There will be an opportunity for public comment during the County Council meeting on Tuesday. You can make a comment in person at the County Council Chamber or join the meeting virtually to make comment using this link:

You can read a copy of the West Bench Plan here:

If you can’t attend the meeting in person or online you can also submit a comment ahead of time through email

Sending a short email to members of the County Council is another great way to make your voice heard. You can find their contact information here:

This will be the final chance to impress upon County leaders the urgent need to protect the Oquirrhs. Please take a moment to reach out and and ask the County to not include any part of Coon Canyon for potential development, and instead work with Rio Tinto, the State of Utah, and other vested parties to plan for long term conservation. We can make a difference!


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  1. No more development! We are losing our open spaces due to all the development. With our water bodies shrinking, we need to really think about changing the plan to develop these all of these neighborhoods. Stop stressing our environmental corridors and water supply!

  2. As a resident of Magna, I consider myself a vested party. Please do not develop Coon Canyon. It seems to be open only to expensive elite private homes for development. It is well known that the State legislature is made of mostly real estate developers. another case of Public money to make private profit. Not sure they would be fair and unbiased as a stake holder in this issue. Please keep the pristine beauty of the Oquirrhs. One reason I moved here.

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